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various - Recall Of Old Time At Tongguan Pass (Yuan Dynasty 1271-1368)

Compilation of various, added to the library on 2006-02-08 22:23
No. Artist Title Duration
1 Lin Shicheng Vulture Catches Swan 9:18
2 Orchestra Of Chinese Instrumental Music Oriole Playing 2:36
3 Fu Xueyi, Zhu Liqun Crow Croaking At Night-Pomegranate 1:59
4 Performing Troupe Of Yunnan Manority Nationalities Ancient Music Of The Naxi Nationality (Suite Of Baisha Xiyue) 10:27
5 Orchestra Of Chinese Instrumental Music The Injustice Done To Dou E 4:44
6 Li Qianying The West Chamber Story In Multiple Modes By Dong Xieyuan 5:18
7 Wang Bocheng The Old Stories In The Tianbao Period In Multiple Modes. Reprimanding Concubine Yang At Mawei 2:50
8 Cai Yaoxian Fengyu Xiangsheng Huolang Dan 7:08
9 Fu Xueyi Recalling The Past At Tongguan Pass 2:00
10 Tu Linghui A Comprehensive Record Of Affairs (Wishing To Be In Double) 1:56
11 Fu Xueyi Autumn Meditation. Banquet At The Parting Pavilion 3:25
12 Tu Linghui Maiden's Grievance. Green Skirt 1:28
13 Tu Linghui Inscriptions To The West Lake 2:17
14 Zhang Jiqing & The Orchestra Of The Jiangsu Kunqu Opera The Injustice Done To Dou E. Killing Dou E 6:06
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